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Alexa App is a virtual voice assistant from Amazon. It not only gives the answer to all questions but also helps in searching them on the internet. Alexa app has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. Because it is a unique device as compared to other tablets.

A normal user can also use Alexa to control the functions of all the smart devices. There are many Alexa related skills that a user can use by downloading the Alexa app. These skills are developed by both Amazon and other IT developers.

Alexa provides 75000 skills currently having different features. Initially, you have to say the word “WAKE” to alert your device. However, you can change the wake word anytime to something else such as Echo or Computer.


Echo Setup



Now, you can ask Alexa for all sorts of questions related to music, weather, and shopping. Users can give instructions by using voice commands. A user can communicate with Alexa App in many different languages such as English, Spanish, German, French, Italian.

For example, day to day things like thermostats, smart lights, cameras connected to Alexa, Robot vacuums, Wi-Fi enabled devices. After connecting the devices you can give instructions to your Echo devices. Users can easily turn on and off the lights of their homes and can do many tasks and functions by controlling these devices on Alexa Amazon App.


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For example, In German countries, the user can ask a question in German and Alexa will give back an answer in German only. You can use Alexa App to control all the skills such as making shopping lists, controlling and managing the music and Alarms. Users can connect many smart devices of home with their Alexa device.


alexa app


To illustrate further, Alexa App For Echo the first generation, Amazon Echo 2nd generation, Echo Show, Echo Spot, Echo look and many more

The main benefit of the Amazon Alexa App is that it can save a lot of time for you. You don’t have to type everything on the web browser. It provides us a small web interface to set up many of the compatible devices such as the Echo Show, Echo dot devices. Amazon Alexa app is available in different variants.




  • Play music on the radio from Spotify.

  • Set alarm and control all home devices.

  • Get news reports.

  • Ask all web-based questions.

  • Make calls and music on your cellphone.

  • Work as an Intercom between Echo speakers in your home.

  • Play games and ambient sounds.



Amazon Alexa Setup

Many apps perform a variety of different tasks and things by getting voice commands from its users. For example Microsoft Cortana, OK Google, Siri, etc. But Alexa Amazon has a slightly better than all other virtual assistants mentioned above. Install the Alexa app on your phone for Alexa Setup.

In Alexa, there is an option of Alexa open skill finder through which you can add your all available skills. If your Alexa device shows red Light which means your device is not getting signals. It will receive signals only when the green light is appearing.


  1. You can download the Alexa App from

  2. Once the installation is complete, you can set up your device but inserting your username and password.

  3. This app is free and you will be able to use this app to set up your device.

  4. After signing up, go to Amazon Alexa Login and select the language.

  5. Select the Wi-Fi network available.

  6. Tap on the connect button to know more about how to connect Alexa to wifi.


It is available on Android 5.1 or higher and iOS 11.0 or higher.


Go to the app store or Play Store on your mobile device and search for “Alexa app.


To check for new updates, search for the “app.” If an update is available, select Update.



alexa app for windows

How to set up Alexa on windows

Amazon Alexa has provided the different versions of the Amazon Alexa App. One can easily connect the device to the available Wi-Fi by connecting your device to the internet router. For downloading the  Alexa App for PC you should check the compatibility first. For download and install the Alexa App windows below are a few steps.

  • Install the Ext file first and then click on the download button to download the Alexa.Amazon Setup.

  • Run the File followed by your Amazon credentials.

  • Click on the Blue Alexa button to start the app by saying the word Alexa.

  •  can be downloaded on the android as well as iOS devices. 

alexa app

Talk to Alexa

Your device is now fully configured with You can check the same by saying the word “ALEXA”. If it is responding means your device is connected. You can anytime change the wake word in settings by selecting your Amazon Echo device. You just need your voice to make any modifications and settings to control all the devices.

With the Echo device, you can do many things such as:-

Alexa, what’s playing? Or play music.
Alexa, what is 294 x 6? any query.




Echo Dot Setup


  1. Go to the app store or Play store and search for the Alexa Amazon App. Once you find the download Alexa App and install it Or you can directly visit and get the Alexa App
  2. Enter your Amazon User Id and password and then press sign in.
  3. Once you signed in a welcome screen will be displayed.
  4. Now the app can access your contacts and other details.
  5. Plug your Echo device into Micro USB cable into the back of the Echo device.
  6. Turn the power on, Initially, it starts with a blue ring.
  7. Wait until the orange light will appear. Alexa will now in setup mode whenever orange light appears.
  8. Now Select the Echo Dot device.

Amazon Alexa App


  1. You can choose your language and then press continue.
  2. Go back the main AlexaApp and in settings press the 3 lines to the top left of the screen.
  3. Go to settings and select your wifi network in the app.
  4. Choose the available Wi-Fi network that will be used by the Echo Dot device.
  5. If your Echo device is connecting to an external speaker, in that case, you need to select the output. Otherwise, just select Echo Built-in Speaker.
  6. Select a particular room where your Echo device is placed.
  7. Still, any issue persists then call our toll free no anytime.

TIP- If orange light is not appearing in your echo device then hold it for 10 seconds and then restart it again. Make sure your Dot device placed 8 inches away from the wall.


Amazon Echo Dot


Factory Reset Echo Dot Speaker

Sometimes your speaker faces an issue in playing music. You can do the factory reset of the speaker by connecting your device in the power. Press the Amazon Echo dot factory reset button. Wait for the process to get finished. Turn off your device and then turn on to check the system. 


alexa amazon app


Frequently Asked Question

 Alexa on echo device – If You are facing Alexa Setup issue then follow the Alexa troubleshooting process   1.) Check the device Compatibility. 2.) Enter Your Credentials properly. 3.) Wi-Fi or mobile circular speed must be good. 4.) Web browsers must be updated.  

Alexa Skills are not working –  Alexa has around 3000 skills which may create problems anytime. First, check the preferences regarding the skills. Turn off and on the device to check the skill. Use the skill one by one.

Alexa Facing issue on android – For downloading the Alexa app android you need to choose the compatible device. Restart the device if the issue still persists. Hold it for 20 seconds. Make sure your device is connected with a proper internet connection. 

Echo Dot won’t reset – Echo device is facing a problem in resetting then turn it off for 20 seconds. Wait for a light ring to turn off then on again. Factory resetting is also one of the options while doing echo dot reset.

Echo Dot Faces WIfi connectivity – If you are facing any Internet connectivity problem with your device then reboot your router. Turn on the device again. Try for factory reset echo dot if the device is still facing the problem.


Alexa Dot Setup

Alexa won’t connect to Bluetooth device – Open the app and hit settings. Tap your echo device and clear all the existing paired devices. Again repair it with Alexa device. Now go to Bluetooth setting on your phone and repair the device again.  

Is there any charge for setting up the Echo Dot device – You can set up your echo device in the Amazon account by inserting username and password. There you can set up your echo device. If your device is facing any issue while setting then you call our toll free no anytime.


What is Echo Dot used for – Thanks to the smart home technology all connecting up, you can also use your Echo Dot device to control the smart home appliances that you might have in your home. The Dot has a whole amazing kind of ‘skills’ which you can think of in separate apps.