How to Do Alexa Setup?

Amazon Alexa Setup

Amazon Echo Dot is a smart small speaker device built and sold by Amazon. It contains all the technology and the functionality of the original Echo into a much smaller package. It is one of the best-selling smart speaker of Amazon, primarily due to its low cost. The Alexa Setup is quite easy.

Alexa setup

The Dot is a small speaker having 1.6 inches in height having built-in Wi-Fi Bluetooth. Its unique feature is the audio jack. The size of the device is too small and it is available in different colors. The Dot also includes the same microphone technology found in the other echo devices.

It recognizing all the commands given from a room even in a normal speaking voice. Echo Dot device can provide information about news, giving a weather report, and many more. It has a voice control button that is being replaced by up and down.

The echo dot app is different from other echo devices mainly the large speaker. It can be easily connected to any external speaker via Bluetooth or audio cable. The new Dot actually doing justice to the music. Voice is very clear, loud, and more powerful.

The outside appearance of the Echo Dot has exactly the same as the full-size Echo. You can use the Echo dot to set the timers while you are cooking. Echo dot setup can be done by Alexa Amazon Download from

Alexa dot alexa


  1. Provide Information about Movies and shows.
  2. Information about the weather forecast.
  3. Voice calling and sending text messages on any device.
  4. Set multiple Timers and Alarms on the phone.
  5. Orders and tracks all the purchases.
  6. Tracking all the fitness, playing games, and more.
  7. keep the record of all household stocks.
  8. Maintain a shopping list.
  9. Voice Control on your smart home.
  10.  Amazon Free time is the most useful feature for kids.

                                                         AMAZON ECHO

Download Alexa App

The first-generation Amazon Echo consists of a 9.25-inch tall cylindrical shaped speaker with a seven-piece microphone. It has a powerful Stereo sound. The echo has Alexa voice-control platform, which makes the interaction with your speaker easy. Echo devices can be set up by Alexa App download from free app download

It is an additional interface for your smart home as compared to the smartphone. The Echo device is compatible with Android and iOS Both. This device we can talk to anyone hands-free. The echo has a beam form technology so it can hear you from any direction at the home.


alexa setup

  • First, open Alexa.Amazon.Com and sign in. Before setup, make sure that you have the latest version of the Alexa app. Users can download Alexa App on your phone or tablet (iOS/Android). Once you have downloaded the app, hold it on for a second.
  • Turn on Amazon Echo Device. Plug the power adapter into Amazon Echo and then into a power outlet of your home. The light on the top of the Amazon Echo turns blue, and then orange. When the light turns orange, the Amazon Echo device greets you.
  • Connect the Amazon Echo device to a Wi-Fi network once the device is fully powered. Like many other smart devices, Echo requires to connect directly during its configuration process.

echo dot setup

TIP: If your Amazon Echo is creating a problem while connecting to your Wi-Fi network. Unplug it and then plug the device again into a power outlet to restart it. If you still facing any issue, reset your Amazon Echo App and setup Alexa.


amazon alexa login

Amazon has launched Echo plus with more smart speakers. It comes with an inbuilt hub to set up and control your compatible smart home devices. The main difference from the other echo device is that it supports Zigbee features. It is a popular wireless system for controlling smart-home devices. Echo Plus can be set up by Alexa App.

The new Plus device also includes a temperature sensor, which can work in smart-home device integrations. Plus device connects to the Alexa app for Echo. It can play music, answer and ask questions, read the brief news, check the latest weather, set clock alarms.

It works as your own personal assistant like manage your all office meetings and reports. Thanks to smart home technology nowadays, you can also use your Echo Plus to control your home. Suppose you have a Philips Hue lightbulb which can be controlled by Echo Plus. You just have to say “Switch off the bulb.”


Setting up an Echo Plus device is extremely easy now. It can easily be done in a shorter span of time. Firstly, plugin your Echo Plus device into a power outlet and wait for Alexa to say “Hello”.

Secondly, download the Alexa Amazon App on your phone or PC. Sign in to the Alexa App with your Amazon account credentials. The ring light turns up blue initially so wait till it turns to be orange.

In the setting, head to devices and then choose Echo Plus from all the devices listed below. Connect your Echo Plus to the network available whether its Wi-Fi or normal internet connection. Once the device is connected, start talking with the Alexa device.

TIP– If you are facing a problem in your device then don’t change immediately, Echo connects the device and gives it a factory reset by switching off the device. Still facing issues call our customer care toll-free.



Amazon Echo Show

The Amazon Echo Show is one of the smart speakers with a touchscreen. A combination of the screen with a voice assistant, due to that you will be able to watch videos and retrieve on-screen information. The screen has a 5.5-inch display.

This device is having a 5-megapixel camera at the top of the screen, which can be used for a video call between Echo devices. Its quality is pretty good, which displays a sharp and detailed picture of a person. The main difference between the Echo Show and other devices is its display size.


  • Amazing Video Quality – With a 10.1-inch full HD display, it has a ZigBee hub which adds an extra dimension into it.
  • Better Sound Quality – It has an amazing stereo driver which makes its sound quality better.
  • Manage your day better – It can manage your meetings schedule such as cancellations, appointments.
  • Personalization – You can post your Facebook photos and make a list of them.


Echo Show setup can be done in a shorter span of time. Here are the simple steps which need to be followed:-

  1. You need to do the Alexa Setup first in your PC or Mac. You can download the app from Alexa.Amazon or directly from
  2. Once the application is downloaded, find an echo show device that should be 8 inches away from the wall.
  3. A sound from Alexa which says “Hello, your Echo Device is ready for setup.”
  4. Select Language and connect your device to the available Wi-fi or mobile network devices.
  5. Confirm Time, zone by signing in with your Amazon credentials.
  6. Read all terms and conditions of the Amazon echo show device mentioned in the Box.
  7. If there will be a necessary update required then update it otherwise start the device with default word.

TIP – If your Echo device is facing an issue with setup then hold the button for 10 seconds and then restart it. The device will start only on orange light. Still facing issues then call our toll free no anytime.




Amazon Echo Spot is an alarm-clock sized Alexa voice-controlled device which is a compact form of echo show. Echo Spot is a 2.5-inch diameter round screen having a built-in camera.

It is a round-shaped device that weighs around 14.8 oz having four microphones. A front-facing camera above the device for video calling. It is compatible with Wi-fi and Bluetooth speakers.


  • Make Free and video calls easily.
  • Take advantage of Alexa’s skills.
  • Organize your day to day life.
  • Always updated with the latest information.
  • Control all your smart home device gadgets.
  • Play music on Spotify, Savan.
  • Provide more information about amazon prime membership.



Echo Spot setup is as follows:-

  1. Plugin your Amazon Echo Spot device into a power outlet.
  2. Connect to the internet (Wi-Fi) or mobile network.
  3. Sign in to the Alexa Amazon App on your smartphone or tablet with your amazon password.

Your echo device is ready to work. Now ask Alexa anything. Alexa uses all the artificial intelligence technology to learn about your vocabulary, speech patterns, and to recognize your voice to create a user profile.

TIP- If your Amazon spot device creates a problem while setup then calls us at our toll-free no instantly.



Echo Setup

Amazon Echo Sub delivers 100W deep bass sound through its 6″ woofer and 2.5-inch subwoofer. Amazon Echo pair with Echo Plus to enjoy dynamic music. As of now, it is only compatible with the second-generation Echo and Echo Plus as of now. Echo Sub is very simple to set up as just plug in your device with a power outlet, open the Alexa app, wirelessly connect to your compatible Echo device to control music with your voice. It only works with audio and not video.

alexa app

How to Pair Echo sub to an Echo Speaker

Before pairing your Echo sub-device verify it online in the Amazon Alexa app. Place it near your Echo device. Select the device in the list and then Add the device. First select Echo and then select echo sub. Connect the device to Wi-Fi to complete the Alexa setup.

Tip– The Echo sub only supports music content because it doesn’t have a microphone. The echo sub won’t be added to the existing speaker set. If you want to attach your speaker then delete the existing one.



alexa setup

The Echo Input is another variation of the Echo Dot that includes only microphones for receiving Alexa commands. It does not have an in-built speaker. You need to attach it with some kind of music system for listening to Alexa’s voice. It can play streaming music from Amazon Music, Spotify. You can check the road traffic, set alarms, question answer.

Echo Input Setup

alexa app for pc

  1. Plug Your Input device into the power adapter.
  2. Open the App from Amazon, download, and install the Alexa app for echo in your android or iOS devices.
  3. From the device, Menu select your Echo Input by connecting it to Wi-Fi.
  4. Choose the method (AUX or Bluetooth) to connect your device to an external speaker.
  5. Tap continue and start communicating with Alexa to continue.

Tip – Echo input sometimes becomes sluggish so for that hold the button for 20 seconds. You need to go through the initial setup process again.



Echo Auto is an amazing device specially designed for Cars. The basic idea behind echo auto is to improve the hands-free operation while driving. It contains 8 microphones to listen to the Alexa word. You can plug the Echo auto device into a power source in your car using a Micro USB cable. It can easily move across multiple vehicles.


  • Make phone calls.
  • Reminder for business meetings.
  • Listen to Music.
  • Find Location.
  • Get direction With the help of Google Maps.
Setup Echo Auto with Bluetooth device, You need a car supporting Bluetooth Playback.
  1.  Turn on the device and set the stereo’s input to Bluetooth.
  2. Enable the Bluetooth on your smartphone.
  3. Download Alexa App for Echo Sub by selecting the device.
  4. Add the device and start listening to music.

Amazon Alexa app

Frequently Asked Question 

How do Echo devices recognize the wake word – By default, it detects the wake word. Once the word is detected audio began streaming to the cloud. Only that video or audio sent to the cloud which is been detected by default word.

What is required in order to use Echo Connect –  For Registering the account with Amazon for Echo Connect home phone service such as landline is required.

What is the difference between Alexa and Echo – Echo is a Smart speaker device from Amazon. Alexa is an artificially intelligent voice assistant device that power those speakers. Alexa can be set up by visiting After that, you can set up all your Amazon echo devices by downloading the Alexa app.